. June 8, 2023

REHOPE Campus Strives to Restore Lives of Sex Trafficking Abuse Victims

Every year a staggering number of women and children are trafficked in the U.S. There is a huge need for more beds and safe houses to help survivors of trafficking. KCTV’s Sharon Chen recently visited one local facility.

On 17 acres near Harrisonville, Missouri, sits a haven. A haven for women who have faced horrors few of us can imagine.

We’ll call her Jojo. Four years ago, Jojo was kidnapped by a gang in Kansas City.

She explains, “During the two and a half weeks I was being sold as a sex slave.”

Imprisoned in a basement, every day, Jojo feared for her life.

“Just lots of prayers. Praying to God every day.”

Then one day her prayers were answered by the leader of a rival gang.

“I helped take care of his kids in the evenings after school. I don’t know if he bought me out or if he had higher ranking, but he got me free.”

And she survived.

“Being here I’ve learned that other girls have gone through it. I’m not alone.”

Jojo now lives at REHOPE among 18 other survivors. On campus, the women have the support they need to heal.

“We lean on each other for healing and moral support, emotional support. It’s like building a sisterhood of support.”

Now that sisterhood is about to open the door to new growth.

“Every home is going to have a refrigerator, a stove, a small kitchen.”

REHOPE is building a tiny home village. Ten new tiny homes will soon sit right along this fence line. One, two and three bedroom homes more than doubling the shelter’s capacity from eighteen to forty two.

“So that will allow survivors in the third phase of our three-phase program to have a home of their own” exclaimed Jason Alvis.

Alvis says the homes will help survivors take the first steps back to society.

“ They will do everything from taking care of their own place, establishing good financial and budget habits. It demonstrates and represents the value and the worth that they have as a person.” said Alvis.

“This place means hope.” For Jojo, having a tiny home means being a mom again.

“It will completely change everything for me. I’ll get my kids full time. I don’t have to worry about trying to make it every other weekend.” So she can put the past behind, and focus on what’s most important- a bright future.

“Getting my high school diploma and getting certified as a Peer Support Specialist. I created a career instead of a job. I can see myself long term here.”

REHOPE hopes to build a total of 20 Tiny Homes. If you’d like to donate to help build a Tiny Home Village, or to help support one of the many programs, donate at

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