. September 15, 2023

Over The Edge: A Bold Step in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a heinous crime that affects approximately 50 million people around the world. It’s a modern-day form of slavery that preys on the vulnerable, exploiting them for forced labor and/or sexual exploitation. However, there are organizations and individuals committed to eradicating this horrific practice and restoring survivors.

REHOPE has been tirelessly working to combat human trafficking through providing adult women and children a safe place to heal and find restoration. On October 7th they’re going “Over The Edge” for survivors from 9am to 4pm.

“How can I help survivors?”

is one of the most frequently asked questions after learning about the reality of human trafficking.

Over The Edge is an incredible family friendly, fun-filled event that everyone can enjoy for free to support survivors and be a part of even if not rappelling

Raising Awareness:

“Over The Edge” is not just another charity event; it’s a bold statement against human trafficking. By participating, you are not only contributing to supporting survivors of human trafficking but also amplifying awareness about this global issue. The event provides a platform for open conversations, education about the signs of trafficking, and highlights ways to support survivors.

Empowering Survivors:

One of the primary goals of “Over The Edge” is to empower survivors of human trafficking. The funds raised through this event will go towards providing essential resources such as therapy, vocational training, basic necessities and safe housing for survivors. Your participation directly impacts their journey towards healing, recovery and reintegration.

Promoting Community Involvement:

Community involvement is crucial in the fight against human trafficking. “Over The Edge” brings together individuals from all walks of life, uniting them under a common cause. It fosters a sense of solidarity and shows survivors that they are not alone. By attending this event, you become part of a collective effort to combat human trafficking and build a safer, more compassionate world.

The Thrill of Going “Over The Edge”:

The centerpiece of this event is the exhilarating experience of 100 fundraisers rappell down 12 stories of the Overland Park Marriott! This symbolic act represents the courage and determination required to combat human trafficking head-on. It’s a thrilling adventure that serves as a reminder that even seemingly insurmountable challenges can be overcome when we work together.

Supporting REHOPE’s Ongoing Efforts:

“Over The Edge” is a vital, annual, fundraising initiative for REHOPE. The proceeds generated from this event will enable them to continue our critical work in providing safe housing, trauma-informed care, education & awareness, basic necessities, education, job training, and providing survivors with the necessary support for a fresh start. Your participation directly contributes to the sustainability of these initiatives.

“Over The Edge” is more than just a charity event; it’s a beacon of hope for survivors of human trafficking. By attending on October 7th from 9am to 4pm, you are taking a powerful stand against this abhorrent crime. Your participation not only raises awareness but also provides tangible support to survivors on their path to recovery. Together, we can make a lasting impact in the fight against human trafficking and build a future free from exploitation and oppression. Join us for a day of courage, compassion, and community at “Over The Edge.”

Together, we can make a difference.

Learn more about getting involved with or attending Over The Edge here